Big Data in Retail

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Big Data Solutions in Retail with ACTi

Big Data & IoT Solutions in Retail with ACTi

Envdata has forged an alliance with ACTi to provide Big Data solutions for the Retail sector. Envdata – ACTi provides state of the art, end to end turnkey solutions for managing challenges in retail. Our solutions are tuned to your needs and improved with changing needs. We implement them quicker than anyone else on a fixed cost, fixed time basis. Our solutions integrate with your in-house systems such as CRM, ERP, POS, etc.

Our solutions provides details on:

  • Foot traffic
  • Visitor flows and management
  • Demography, gender,& age analysis
  • VIP recognition and alerts
  • Layout efficiency
  • Marketing Vs KPI
  • POS data analysis including Big Data, heat maps and dwell time analysis
Our solutions provide details on foot traffic, visitor flows and management, demography, gender& age analysis, VIP recognition and alerts, layout efficiency, marketing vs KPI, POS data analysis including Big Data, heat maps and dwell time analysis. All the data is presented in clean displays. Some automated actions may include pushing advertisements based on audience gender and age, generating information on vacancies using people count, counting car regos using number plate recognition and raising alerts on suspicious activity such as loitering around ATMs or glass windows during odd hours.

Please contact us today to ease your retail business - which includes your parking management!