• Big Data Matters

    Big Data Matters

    Data is the foundation of all our knowledge and of our ability to Do anything. It is how we innovate, explore and ultimately create a better

    envdata is a specialist company that focuses on helping you to gain insights and create value through usage of Big Data, NoSQL and advanced analytics

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    Big Data processing is different

    Big data processing and management involves a new and much wider and varied set of needs, practices and technologies.

    envdata offers solutions for organizations seeking to derive true value from combining their own and freely available data from governments, scientific bodies and commercial aggregators. We help you to adopt key elements such as Hadoop and its eco-system, NoSQL, advanced analytics and Machine Learning practices.

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    Big Data Architecture

    Big Data technologies such as Hadoop and NoSQL integrate easily into existing enterprise architectures. At the same time they deliver unprecedented capabilities in terms of Advanced analytics, unstructured data management and cost effective web-scale data management and processing.

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Envision, Visualise and Realise hidden value in your big data

Big Data in Sports

Sports Solutions

Sport at the elite level has always adopted new technologies to capture data from players during play and training in order to better understand their performance and their team’s results. This large amount of data in sports is making big data sports analytics very important.

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Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis is becoming a key insight into any organisation's effectiveness and ability to execute its business strategy. It answers key questions such as: who is talking about us? What are they saying? How are they responding to our approach?

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Government and Public Sector

Our world generates a staggering quantity of data and Government activity is no exception. Big data refers to these huge datasets. Big data analytics refers to the process of seeking insights by combining and analysing these datasets.

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Big data in Intelligent Buildings

Modern buildings are being equipped with very large number of sensors that can monitor every single aspect of building and its environmental operations. These devices offer real-time data gathering that can be used to optimise costs and comfort.

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Envdata Big Data Practice

Big Data in Government and Public Sector
Big Data In Retail

This involves solutions around people count, foot traffic, demographics analysis, VIP Recognition, layout efficiency, POS Data Analysis and Sales Vs Dummy Data.

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Envdata Partners and Alliances

Envision IT starts Envdata - its Big Data practice Hortonworks Partner Keylines Partner MapR Partner Australia Microsoft Gold Partner Microstrategy Partner OMsignal Biometric Smartwear Oracle Gold Partner YarcData Partner in Australia

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