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Our Mission

Envision aims to become a premiere trusted and preferred supplier of Big Data related services to its customers in Australia and Internationally. We will provide a comprehensive suite of training, consulting, development, support, research and thought leadership services based on most up-to-date knowledge, expertise and alliances in the Big Data field.

Big Data Specialisation

Envision is a recognised leader in state-of-the-art IT solutions. With the ubiquitous and exponential growth of emerging digital technologies has come the advent of massive, web-scale data collection, storage and processing collectively known as Big Data. Put simply it is data that cannot be managed or analysed by traditional technologies. These advances have necessitated development and deployment of very different architectures in terms of processing technologies, infrastructure, information and database design. Envision will help you transition from a relational to a more “evolved” view of the data worlds

The concept has become ubiquitous. Importantly, it’s not only big companies or governments that can benefit from embracing big data. Big data and the analytics that make sense of it applies to companies of all sizes for which it opens a world of opportunities to find new and valuable insights and competitive advantages from the vast variety of data sources. Data-driven insight will be the source for the new competitive advantage, and become the driver for lowering costs and increasing revenue.

We will help you start your Big Data journey with a business problem that will have a material impact on your bottom line when the answer is developed. We will help you to work through what exactly it is you’re trying to answer, review what in-house data exists, what additional data you need, and how this data will be integrated and analysed to provide the answer. Envision will develop the appropriate blueprint to achieve success with big data and is committed to delivering practical solutions with ongoing support.

We will help you realise the power and value of your data with Envision end-to-end Big Data solutions and services.

Data as a Strategic Asset

Companies across a wide range of industries are learning that the use of data within their own organisations is critical to achieving high performance. Envision has developed an approach for including data and analytics at the centre of an enterprise performance management system.

It determines what is unique about your data and how this data can be tied to performance metrics. We determine the level of integration required throughout the organisation to effectively use this data. We foster a fact-based culture that will ensure that decisions are based on data and analysis and less on gut feel.

Our approach concentrates on initiatives that are likely to deliver the most value whilst being the easiest to implement. We focus on the activities of information-modelling, what-if analysis and other qualitative techniques as an important step in achieving a data–driven performance management culture.