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orange dotProvide Resources for Big Data Projects

We know that there is a significant shortage of skills and resources in the area of Big Data, NoSQL and Analytics. envdata will provide specialist Big Data associates and personnel on both short and long term basis. envdata will ensure that these resources have up-to-date training on all Big Data skills. This will involve:

  • Skills definitions: Helping you to understand what skillsets are required for Big Data deployments.
  •  Big Data management definitions: Help you with defining how to manage the Big Data systems. Operational structures for Big Data systems – Defining workflows and operating procedures for Big Data systems.
  •  Job Description definition: Help you to generate appropriate Job Definition documents for your HR recruitment and development requirements.
  • Resource Recruitment: Help you to identify, interview and select the right talent for your new Big Data projects.
  •  Resource provision: We will provide on contract basis the right talent that you need to when you cannot locate or acquire your own resources.