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Big data processing and management is really different from traditional computing architectures. It involves a new and much wider and varied set of needs, practices and technologies. We offer solutions for organizations seeking to derive true value from combining data that they own and that which is freely available from outside sources such as governments, scientific bodies and commercial aggregators. At the same time we will help you to adopt the other key elements such as Hadoop and its eco-system technologies, NoSQL approach to data management and truly advanced analytics and Machine Learning practices.

 We have a blueprint for successful adoption of big data technologies which centres on fast knowledge on-ramp, integration with your existing architecture and addressing cost, marketing, security and privacy issues that were simply out of scope previously due to their complexity, expense and lack of suitable technology. We do this with you by:

  • Selecting areas where discovery of complex relationships is a core focus.
  •  Defining the volume and performance requirements for processing data.
  • Validating the feasibility of specialised systems and performance targets by proof-of-concept and pilot implementations.

envdata understood the criticality of data in informed and effective decision making and value creation. We also know that the hardest questions that you will ever have to answer is “What exactly am I looking for in all this data? How can I use it to achieve my goals and KPI’s?”

envdata is perfectly poised to assist you in deploying the necessary infrastructure and integration with your existing systems as discussed above. We can supply everything from basic Big Data infrastructure either in your data centre or hosted as well as bringing the right integration specialists to address your needs.

Please contact us for further details for:

  1. Big Data Technology Strategy Definition
  2. Big Data Technology Use case Identification
  3. Big Data Infrastructure Set-up and Management
  4. Application Development and Maintenance