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envdata prides itself on our ability to deliver comprehensive and effective outcomes in the Big Data space. Our aim is to be thought and practice leaders, trusted advisors and someone that you will turn to first in all things Big Data. envdata will provide Big Data, NoSQL and analytics consultancy in the following areas.

  • Big Data projects: Help you to define what role Big Data can play in your organisation.
  • Business case development: Help you determine the right level of expenditure and ROI calculations on your BD project.
  • Organisational change design required to support Big Data introduction: Work with you to define what new skills and structures you will need to successfully deploy Big Data practices.
  •  Proof-Of-Concept (PoC) work: Defining and producing PoC applications that will build confidence and highlight the value of deploying Big Data systems in your organisation.
  • Pilot installations: Rolling out of Pilot applications to selected parts of your organisation in order to start using the Big Data systems.
  •  Cloud design services: Help you to determine if the cloud based infrastructure is appropriate for your requirements.
  • Big Data Architecture: We will work with you design modern architectures which integrate Big Data and NoSQL capabilities into your organisation.
  •  Integration with traditional architectures: We will help you physically integrate your existing systems with the new Big Data based technologies.
  • NoSQL Data design: We will work with you to determine your Information and data needs and design the NoSQL components that will be used to manage your unstructured data.
  • Data Science and Analytics resources: We will provide you with the most qualified and brightest of Data Scientists and BI Analysts that will be able to produce truly useful insights from your data.
  • Big Data project management: What we are doing is different and requires new knowledge and abilities to deliver on Big Data initiatives. In addition to mastery of the traditional project management skills, our PM’s are especially trained to work in this space.